Other Facilities – Hosur Plant

Other Facilities – Hosur Plant

As employees are the key to the organization's success, the company has shown its utmost commitment towards its employees by providing facilities like a Canteen with appetizing food, well equipped Lounge, Dedicated Bus Services from the workplace to home, and Occupational Health Center.

Continuous in-house training programs in various disciplines like TPM, 7QC Tools, Quality of Life, Positive Mental Attitude, EMS 14001, 4th Generation Management etc., help in achieving organizational growth in the right direction.

The company has also played its part in preserving Mother Nature by setting up two Sewage Treatment Plants with a daily capacity of 50,000 liters. The treated water from STP is used for gardening and landscaping purposes. Rainwater harvesting is also done as an initiative to save precious groundwater. The ETP treats the effluent generated during the processing of Granite Slabs and Tiles and the treated water is reused for the production processes.

Aro has installed generators to provide 100% power backup in case of power cut. These state of the art Cummins generators are able to take the entire load of the factory so that there is no delay in production and delivery. To feed these generators, we have a 20,000 Liters (20 KL) diesel tank situated inside the factory premises.

Transportation Facility
Canteen Facility
Occupational Health Center
Lockers Facility for Workers


Effluent Treatment Plant
Sewage Treatment