IMS Policy

Aro granite industries ltd.


Aro granite industries limited is in the business of Manufacture and Dispatch of Granite Tiles, Granite Slabs and Engineered Quartz Stone Slabs and Cut-to-Size & Related Value Added Products in the safest and most environmentally friendly possible way.

Our Management System Policy is to ensure satisfaction of all stakeholders including customers through:

a) Providing consistent, innovative and quality products by team effort.

b) Ensuring that the IMS policy is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization and supports its strategic direction.

c) Continual improvement of overall organization by

* Effective implementation of Integrated Management System.

* Enhancement of environmental performance by eliminating and / or control of air, water, land and noise pollution as well as minimizing waste generation, incident, fire and any other environmental aspects and occupational hazards.

* Reduction in environmental impacts of our manufacturing processes and products.

* Enhancement of Occupational Health & Safety Performance by eliminating the hazards, reducing the OH&S Risks and providing safe and healthy working conditions.

* Encouraging the consultation of workers in OH&S issues and participation of workers in OH&S activities and decisions.

d) Enhancing the quality of work environment by providing appropriate resources.

e) Complying with applicable National / International legal requirements, principles of the international instruments and other requirements to which the company subscribes that relate to its product quality, environmental aspects and occupational health hazards.

f) Conducting our operation in an environmentally responsible manner besides meeting relevant legal and other requirements.

g) Inculcating environmental and safety awareness in our employees, their families, stakeholders and persons working for or on behalf of our organization.

h) Protecting the environment by conserving natural resources, promoting reduce, reuse & recycle and protecting biodiversity & ecosystems.

i) Ensuring availability of this policy to interested parties wherever requested.

  Quality System

(ISO 9001:2015 CLAUSE 5.0, SUB CLAUSE 5.2)

A strict 100% inspection system is adopted at all stages of the manufacturing process.

The company maintains best quality standards to meet the ever-changing expectations of buyers worldwide, both in terms of product and delivery. This obsession for quality was rewarded when the company received ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management Systems from RWTUV, Germany.

As employees are the key to the organization's success, the company has shown its utmost commitment towards its employees by providing facilities like a Canteen with appetizing food, well equipped Lounge and Dedicated Bus Services from the workplace to home.

Continuous in-house training programmes in various disciplines like TPM, 7QC Tools, Quality of Life, Positive Mental Attitude, 4th Generation Management etc., help in achieving organizational growth in the right direction.

  ISO Certification